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The Nutrition Care Principles for the Elderly 中老年人營養照護原則

  1. Weight maintenance:
    Overweight is often associated with high mortality rate and is causes for many chronic disease like type 2diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Patients should start dieting or weight loss plan if their current weight is 10% more than ideal weight. 
    Idea body weight(kg)
    =Height2(m2)× 22
  2. To maintain healthy teeth, patients should visit dentist from time to time and wear well-fitted denture. 
  3. Balance your intake of various types of food 
    Your daily intake should have milk, grains, tubers, roots, vegetables, eggs, beans, fish, and fruits and fats covering the six categories of food; fresh foods are your top selection. 
  4. Consume grains mainly 
    A staple food diet should include rice, wheat products, and other starch rich food providing a variety of essential nutrients. 
  5. Try to choose fiber rich food because it prevents and improves constipation. High fiber diet also reduces risk factors like colorectal cancer, hypercholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. Fiber rich foods include: vegetables, beans, fruit, brown rice, and sweet potatoes.
  6. The principle of less oil, salt, and sugar
    (1)High fat diet is related to obesity, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. High fat diet also extends the timing for gastric emptying. Saturated fatty acids and high cholesterol diet are the main factors of cardiovascular disease. Reduce streaky pork, sausage, nuts, and cholesterol rich foods intake.. Steam, boil, bake, brine, and stew your food because all measures help you reduce your intake of calories and fat. 
    (2)Using less sodium rich seasonings such as MSG, soy sauce, salt and seasonings rich foods.
    (3)Most sugar does not contain any nutrients and it often causes tooth decay and obesity. Reduce sugar intake especially with western-style pastries and cakes for it not only possesses polysaccharides but oil. 
  7. Intake calcium-rich food 
    Adequate calcium intake can prevent osteoporosis. Milk is rich in calcium, and most easily absorbed. Drink at least 1-2 cups every day. The other calcium rich food includes dairy products, soy products, and leafy vegetables.
  8. Drink plenty of water
    Water is the healthiest and most economical source to maintain digestion and absorption. Water can transport nutrients, improve the condition of constipation, and regulate body temperature. Drink 6~8 cups of water a day and remember to evenly consume these water; do not drink too much water before hitting the sack because it may interfere your sleep. 
  9. Drink moderately 
    Excessive alcohol consumption will affect the absorption of various nutrients and use, and it triggers malnutrition, liver disease, hyper uric acid, and hyper triglyceride. When you come across any social occasions, drink moderately and remember not to drink constantly. 


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