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Nicotine transdermal patch for smoking cessation 戒菸專用的尼古丁貼片

Congratulation on your agreeing to quit smoking because you have made a gigantic step for the sake of your health and family. During smoking cessation, nicotine gum can be used to relieve withdrawal symptoms. If you do not prefer to chew nicotine gum, nicotine transdermal patch is an alternative choice; each patch contains 10~30mg nicotine and releases nicotine though a specially-designed membrane, it is absorbed by the skin within 24 hours. 
Usage of nicotine transdermal patch
  1. Replace nicotine patch every 24 hours; place it from neck down to waist or around glabrous areas like arms, breast, and abdomen.
  2. Patch it on different places everyday because there is a 3-5 days interval gap for the same place. 
  3. To reduce skin irritation, steroid ointment can be applied according to the skin condition; those with sleeping difficulties can wear it during the day and remove it before going to sleep. 
Points of attention
  1. First of all, you have to stop smoking with perseverance and persistence
  2. Wear one patch everyday and attach it  to the skin for 24 hours; to avoid local skin irritation, wear it at different places most recommended around your neck, arm, and waist.
  3. Carefully cut the package open with a pair of scissors to avoid damaging internal drugs. 
  4. Place patches on clean and dry skin where there is no abluent, alcohol, or drug ointment. 
  5. Patch treatment lasts for 6 weeks, the dosage may be decreased gradually according to the treatment course; however, the treatment should not be interrupted, and it should not exceed 3 months.
  6. Keep out of reach from children because patches contain nicotine. 
  7. Avoid taking expired patches and keep it dry under room temperature of 25 ºC.
Possible side effects
Some patients may experience local inflammation and pruritus. Those with cardiovascular disease will experience more significant side effects, such as headache and insomnia. There will also be slight indigestion. If any of the above aforementioned condition emerges, do not panic, change patching place and try to relax. If any of these symptoms persists, please consult your physicians.
Both nicotine gum and nicotine transdermal patch are supplementary tools in smoking cessation process, and it is patients’ determination and perseverance that counts.



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