Myanmar patient Let finished the scheduled treatment for visual recovery and right-ear rebuilt.


Chine Medical University Hospital and Pou Chen Group launched the international charity medical program for Myanmar in 2018 while the Myanmar 11-old girl, Let of critical illness completed the first-stage of treatment after 7 months, whose vision substantially improved and her beautiful ears rebuilt.

Astigmatism and squint – joint treatment for rebuilding the right ear for a reborn beautiful new life 
Under the treatment by CMUH interdisciplinary team, Let's right eye with blurry vision was substantially improved, where the vision of right eye upgraded from previous 0.1 to 0.3, and the squint reduced from 600 to 300. According to Doctor Hui-Ru Lin, Children Pediatric Ophthalmology Director, Department of Ophthalmology, who was in charge of the surgery, the epidermoid cyst on the right eye of Let was removed and no re-operation is needed for previous squint surgery. Let's vision will have better recovery as long as she continues her rehabilitation. 

Superintendent Hung-Chi Chen, MUCH International Center said that the restructured surgery has taken the chest rib from Let for implantation to the right ear to rebuild the auricle at the first stage of surgery. After several small plastic surgeries, the beautiful ear is now reappeared on the face of Let, which substantially recovers her confidence. At the second stage of surgery, Let continued to receive fat implant on her right face to lift up the right auricle. At the third stage, which will take place in 3 years, the department will cooperate with dentistry to carry out right mandibular bone and occlusal correction surgery in order to rebuild her right face.

Pou Chen Group sponsored NT 3 million medical expenses, praised by the Myanmar Trade Office representative as the corporate paradigm for humanity and charity philosophy
During Let's hospitalization for surgery, Let received hearty care from the medical staff and she also had a very happy time with roommate who has fully assimilated into the life of Taiwan. Last Christmas, Pou Chen Group and the International Center also held a celebration activity for Let to spend a happy Christmas in Taiwan. Pou Chen Group Chairman Lu-Ming Chan expressed his will and blessing for Let to continue the work in treatment and study. Pou Chen sets foundation in Taiwan and projects care to the world. Pou Chen always upholds to the core value of sustainable management through corporate social responsibility by actively promoting various charity and social involvement in Taiwan and overseas. It is the honor for Pou Chen to show care and convey positive power. 

Let suffered from “Goldenhar syndrome” who received donation of NTD 3 million from the largest Taiwanese company in Myanmar – Pou Chen Group last August, who sponsored Let for medical treatment in Taiwan. This sponsorship established the historic development of medical, corporate, and charity integration. International Center CEO Aichi Chou indicated that the team’s expectation is to “be-friending with the world through medical treatment.” CEO Chou also expressed appreciation to Taiwanese companies and the great help from Taiwan External Trade Development Council, so that the center can help people in need worldwide and reveal the corporate care and the warm power of medicine from Taiwan to the world.