Service Information


Q1:How would a foreign national make an appointment at our hospital?

Foreign nationals who have the National Health Insurance (NHI) can make appointments directly and be covered by the insurance plan. Those who do not have NHI can either make appointments directly or make appointments through our International Center.

Q2:What sort of identity is qualified for a Hui Yao Outpatient Clinic Designated Consultation?

A person who holds a foreign passport and has no National Health Insurance (NHI).

Q3:How do I make an appointment for a Designated Consultation?

You may make an appointment for a Designated Consultation through our International Center at +886-4-22256892.

Q4: How do patients from People's Republic of China apply for a medical visa?

After evaluation from our physician, if the Chinese patient fulfills the requirements for treatment, our staff member from the International Medical Center will assist in the application for a medical visa. The patient should complete the application, power of attorney and related documents (such as: photo identification, photos and proof of relationship). After the International Center has confirmed payment from the patient, the hospital will then provide related documents to the patient's Taiwan guarantor. The guarantor will then take the documents to the National Immigration Agency for visa application. Once the visa is issued, the guarantor will need to send the visa via mail to the Chinese patient.

Q5: Do your hospital accept patients with private insurance?

If the foreign patient's insurance company has a contract with CMUH, they can ask their insurance company for a disbursement of medical expenses. The patient may not have to pay or just pay partially according to their insurance coverage. If the insurance company does not have a contract with CMUH. The patient would have to pre-pay all medical expenses and then take the receipt provided by the hospital to get reimbursement from their insurance company afterwards.

Q6:What methods of payment does the Designated Consultation service accept?

We accept cash (NTD) or all major credit cards (Visa, Master, UnionPay and JCB).