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Chinese medicine adjuvant therapy against colorectal cancer. Increase appetite to alleviate the discomfort to complete the course of life to maintain good quality

中醫輔助治療 對抗癌症之首大腸癌 增進食慾緩解不適 完成療程維持生活好品質

  The incidence of colorectal cancer was the highest in the top ten cancer, the incidence increased year after year, according to the latest statistics, the number of colorectal cancer has reached 15 thousand people.
  Department of Chinese Internal Medicine attending physician, Ko Cheng-Hang said mainly treatment of colorectal cancer is surgical resection, followed chemotherapy or radiation therapy as the case may be. The treatment process often lead to discomfort, such as postoperative wound pain, fatigue, abdominal fullness, nausea, poor appetite,thirsty or limbs numbness  after chemotherapy. Chinese medicine can alleviate these discomfort. Chinese medicine can adjust the organs of the yin, yang, qi and blood, and we gived different Chinese medicine in different stages. According to health insurance statistics, about 20% of patients in Taiwan combined with traditional Chinese medicine after surgery, does not include part of their own treatment.


Supplement Qi after surgery, adjust Qi after chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  There are several principles of Chinese medicine treatment, supplement Qi after surgery:patient feel wound pain, tired or poor appetite; adjust Qi after chemotherapy and radiotherapy: patient had nausea, vomitus, thirsty.

Combined with Chinese medicine to improve postoperative and chemotherapy discomfort
  Dr.Ko said that a 59-years-old patient, Ms. Zeng, complained of nausea, fatigue and irregular stool habit because of chemotherapy, after Chinese medicine treatment, she felt comfortable.
  Colorectal cancer diet Note: should choose more natural raw food, fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.Foods after pickled, smoked, fermented and excessive refined food should be avoided. We should cook food with steamed, boiled, and less use fried.. Patients should establish a regular life, develop appropriate sports, cultivate a positive attitude, combined with Chinese and Western medicine treatment, together with the fight against colorectal cancer.

Department of Chinese Internal Medicine attending physician 
Ko Cheng-Hang