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We offer teleconsulation  to serving the unique needs of our international patients
International Center of China Medical University Hospital offers a variety of services including teleconsultation in response to COVID-19. The business hour are Monday to Friday 8:00 am-12:00 pm and 1:00 pm -5:00 pm (GMT+8).
Taking care of Muslim's medical need. China Medical University Hospital received certification of Muslim Friendly Environment by the Chinese Muslim Association
China Medical University Hospital provides comprehensive quality medical service to patients around the globe. In complying with the New Southbound Policy, we actively construct an even more friendly medical environment to the broad Muslim public
Integrated colon cancer treatment made better with auxiliary Chinese medicine
In Taiwan, there are 15000 new colon cancer patients each year, 5800 of whom die of colon cancer, making it a disease that cannot be ignored. The treatment for colon cancer currently include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Different side effects appear with different treatment.
China Medical University Hospital Celebrates a Joyous and Generous Christmas 18 Foreign Doctors currently training in Taiwan celebrated Christmas and gave back to the local community by visiting kids at China Medical University Children's Hospital with bags of toys in tow
In the continued strive for internationalization and cross-border exchange, China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) has increased efforts in attracting foreign doctors to Taiwan to undertake fellowship training programs at the hospital.
8-month-old Vietnamese Baby Boy Suffering from Critical Conditions in Severe Tracheal Stenosis Received Overseas Treatment and Returned Home Happily Children's Pulmonary and Critical Care Team treated him withfflexible bronchoscope and left only a small wound. Simple and Convenient
China Medical University Children’s Hospital vice Superintendent Wen-Jue Soong led the “Pulmonary and Critical Care Team” and adopted the “flexible bronchoscope” to examine and treat many ill children suffering from innate airway abnormality, breathing difficulties, respiratory failure, requiring leave endotracheal intubation and respirator with remarkable effect