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Chinese medicine adjuvant therapy against colorectal cancer. Increase appetite to alleviate the discomfort to complete the course of life to maintain good quality
The incidence of colorectal cancer was the highest in the top ten cancer, the incidence increased year after year, according to the latest statistics, the number of colorectal cancer has reached 15 thousand people.
The Multiple Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Treating the Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is a disease making many people uncomfortable in working or retired life. The occurrence of knee osteoarthritis increases over 50 years old. The symptoms of knee osteoarthritis are joint pain
Acupuncture as adjunct therapy for cancer treatments relieves patients' pain and discomfort. Simple, effective, affordable
Cancer is the first of the top ten causes of death. Most cancer patients will choose surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, target therapy or hormone therapy. During the treatments, they may encounter uncomfortable syndromes: