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8-month-old Vietnamese Baby Boy Suffering from Critical Conditions in Severe Tracheal Stenosis Received Overseas Treatment and Returned Home Happily Children's Pulmonary and Critical Care Team treated him withfflexible bronchoscope and left only a small wound. Simple and Convenient
China Medical University Children’s Hospital vice Superintendent Wen-Jue Soong led the “Pulmonary and Critical Care Team” and adopted the “flexible bronchoscope” to examine and treat many ill children suffering from innate airway abnormality, breathing difficulties, respiratory failure, requiring leave endotracheal intubation and respirator with remarkable effect
Operating Surgery “without Open Heart Surgery” Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) without Surgical Procedures
Three-year-old little girl, Yeh, was diagnosed with a large ventricular septal defect right after birth. She suffered from symptoms such as respiratory asthma, fast heartbeat, hepatomegaly, night sweats, and slow weight and growth (her weight has fallen under 3 percentile) due to the complications with heart failure since infancy and needs to take heart failure medicine over a long period of time.
When the hear of newborn baby is occupied by a tumor…free from surgery, drugs can regress it
Cardiac Rhabdomyoma (CR) is the most common neonatal heart tumor. It is a kind of benign sarcoma (Harmatoma). If it is small and it only appears in unimportant sites, it only needs to be carefully followed and most tumors can subside after two years of age.