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Integrated colon cancer treatment made better with auxiliary Chinese medicine
In Taiwan, there are 15000 new colon cancer patients each year, 5800 of whom die of colon cancer, making it a disease that cannot be ignored. The treatment for colon cancer currently include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Different side effects appear with different treatment.
 CMUH Colorectal Cancer Excellence Team's. Remarkable achievement in 95% anal preservation rate;  minimally invasive interdisciplinary integration offers personal treatment for patients
Cancer has a terrifying reputation in many people today. In particular, colorectal cancer accounts for the first place in cancer diseases. There are many people, including well-known celebrities and movie directors suffering from colorectal cancer and even have
ICRSF 2016's Live Cutting-edge Surgeries and Gathering of World-leading Experts Means a Big Win for Patients with Colorectal Conditions
The International Colorectal Surgery Forum (ICRSF) was established in 2010, and it is the only specialized and comprehensive annual gathering in Taiwan to bring together the world's top surgeons and experts. It also offers in-depth symposiums and the