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“Stop worrying about rare lung cancer. Precision therapy is easy” Health Education Campaign for Rare Lung Diseases
CMUH –Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Chest Medicine Director Zhi-Yen Tu stated that lung cancer can be divided into non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer, with 85% of the patients belonging to non-small cell lung cancer.
Awaken the immune system to hunt down lung cancer. Immunotherapy is a new turning point for treatment
There have been three major revolutions in the development of treatments for lung cancer: chemotherapy; targeted therapy; and currently immunotherapy.
Higher precision and new progress in lung cancer therapy. Grasp the genetic mutation in carcinoma cells and choose more precise drugs for targeted therapy.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare recently announced the number of people died of lung cancer in Taiwan last year was 9,372 people, accounting for 5.4% of cancer mortality. Many people are worried that lung cancer is becoming the new national illness of Taiwan.