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What should I eat during cancer therapy period? 癌症治療期間,我該怎麼吃?

  1. To help patients realize the importance of living a balanced diet during cancer therapy, so they would have enough energy to finish the therapy. 
  2. To reduce side effects caused by treatment and to prevent malnutrition.

patients accepting cancer treatment without oral intake problems 

General principles:
  1. Pay attention to changes of body weight:
    Maintain ideal body weight
    The formula is
    =body high2(m) ×22   (Maintain in ±10 % )
  2. Balanced diet:
    Good nutrients come from six different kinds of nature food.
    A. Milk provides calcium, protein, and rich vitamins; but people with lactose intolerance should consume yoghourt and lactose-free formula milk. 
    B. Cereal like rice, noodles, toast, wheat flakes, and non-purified or unprocessed foods are your primary food choice for it provides carbohydrate and vitamin B rich nutrients. 
    C. Eggs, beans, fishes and meats provide protein to help body tissue repair and reduce infection. Consume more low fat meat and seafood like deep water fish, oyster, and soy bean products.
    D. Fruits and vegetables, and seaweed contain anti-tumor components which is good sources for vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
    E. Oil provides calories and helps absorb fat-soluble vitamin. Use of olive oil or peanut oil, or moderate intake of nuts like walnut and almond is good sources of oil. 
  3. May there be a variety of food choices and tastes: 
    When we cook, make use of natural seasoning to go with various kind of food: lemon chicken, onion tomato soup, steam eggs, sliced pork with ginger, garlic spareribs, and Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet; all of which helps preserve palate changes caused by cancer therapy.
  4. Do not abuse unknown herbal medicine because it often delays treatment timing and affects liver and renal function.
  5. Avoid drinking grapefruit juice if patients are under anti-tumor drug use or immune-inhibitor.
  6. Maintain regular life habit: if patients’ physical strength and mental state are good, all they need is to exercise moderately to maintain normal metabolic rate in order to prevent constipation. 
  7. If patients have trouble eating and absorbing nutrients through mouth, their body would utilize nutrients stored as energy supply which could cause malnutrition; by then, tube feeding or parenteral nutrition would have to be used. 
  8. Go over dietary guidelines for side effects of cancer treatment if patients suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, thirsty, and poor appetite.  


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